Welcome to Cyber Defence & Network Security 2014:
Evolving – Adapting –Defending

The symposium-of-choice for senior Cyber and Network Security Professionals Worldwide

"As more and more state and non-state actors gain cyber expertise, its importance and reach as a global threat cannot be overstated"

James Clapper, US National Intelligence Director

Cyber Defence & Network Security 2014 (CDANS) conference will provide attendees with high-level strategic briefings from 26+ senior international military and cyber experts, as well as valuable and intimate networking opportunities with Heads of CERT, Systems Security, Military IT, Counter Terrorism, and Cyber Crime and Network professionals.

Cyber vulnerabilities will be the single greatest threat to any nation or corporation within the next 10 years. So… the need to secure, adapt and react to these threats is ever increasing. The potential is there to cripple a military force or even to erode a nation’s ability to function as a state.

CDANS 2014 is drawing speaker from around the world, with our speaker panel expanding week on week. We are delighted that Mustafa Aydin from BDDK - BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey) and Raimo Peterson, Chief of R&D Branch, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence,Tallinn will be delivering unique insight and updates from two very different but uniquely important institutions.

2014 Inaugural CDANS Speakers

 Noboru Nakatani
Noboru Nakatani
Executive Director
 Mark Weatherford
Mark Weatherford
Former Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity
Chertoff Group
 Abbas Kudrati
Abbas Kudrati
Information Security Professional
 Sherif Hashem
Sherif Hashem
Subject Matter Expert
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Egypt
Lieutenant General Arto Räty
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence
Dr Yitzik Ben Israel
Dr Yitzik Ben Israel
Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science Technology and Security, Tel Aviv University

New and Key Highlights for 2014

  • New Focus Day - Dedicated to the challenges of addressing the cyber threat to Critical National Infrastructure for nations around the world. The day will examine key topics, such as data storage, hacking, best practice and security standards, examining the challenges and opportunities for closer cooperation and collaboration. This unique focus day will demonstrate the need for embedded awareness and understanding of cyber threats at every level of an organisation
  • Showcasing the latest developments in international law applicable to cyber security, looking at the Tallinn Manual, its creation and application to real time cyber warfare and defence and promoting transparency and understanding across this complex area. Find out where your organisation best fits in the this unique battlespace without international borders
  • The most senior international speaker faculty to date featuring both military, government and industry representatives from the North-America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa who are defining the requirements and shaping the solutions for cyber security

What others are saying

“As threats to the cyber landscape increase in number – the Spanish Ministry of Defence sees CDANS as a unique opportunity to discover the key challenges and their solutions from other regions on a day-to-day basis” Lieutenant Colonel Angel Gomez de Agreda, Office of the Secretary General for Defence Policy, Spanish Ministry of Defence
“Cyber Warfare 2010 was invaluable to its participants to begin understanding cyberspace and how warfare might take place in and through this global domain.”Dick Crowell, Associate Professor, Joint Military Operations Department, US Naval War College

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