The premier cyber security symposium incorporating militaries, government and critical national infrastructure at the highest decision-making level

2015 Speakers

Vice Admiral Jan Tighe
Vice Admiral Jan Tighe
Commander, US Fleet Cyber Command
US Navy
Vice Admiral Arnaud Coustillière
Vice Admiral Arnaud Coustillière
Chief, Cyber
French Integrated Defence Staff
Lieutenant General Arto Raty
Lieutenant General Arto Raty
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Defence
Major General Kazuo Tokito
Major General Kazuo Tokito
Director C4 Systems, J6
Japanese Self Defence Forces
Major General Odd Egil Pedersen
Major General Odd Egil Pedersen
Norwegian Cyber Force
Colonel Artur Suzik
Colonel Artur Suzik
 Andrew Gracie
Andrew Gracie
Executive Director, Resolution Directorate
Bank of England
 Craig Balding
Craig Balding
Chief Information Security Officer

Cyber Defence and Network Security 2015 (CDANS) will provide attendees with high level strategic briefings from over 25 senior international military, government, critical national infrastructure and industry cyber experts. Offering unique accounts of national and corporate cyber defence strategies, including the most recent programmes and requirements, as well as insight into the latest technologies and innovations available from industry, CDANS 2015 is an invaluable opportunity to learn, network and engage in discussion on this crucial issue.

As the cyber threat evolves and the incidence of attacks increases, maintaining preparedness and situational awareness is vitally important. Customised malware, DDoS attacks and the vulnerabilities of mobile and enterprise networks all present real challenges. However, the opportunity to come together and share ideas, solutions and initiatives and to facilitate deeper cooperation in cyber defence must be harnessed.

CDANS 2015 offers the most senior and diverse speaker panel to date, including presentations from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are delighted to be welcoming Vice Admiral Tighe, Commander of the US Fleet Cyber Command and Major General Pederson, Commander of the Norwegian Cyber Force, to mention but a few, both giving unique insight and updates from two very important institutions.

On the 21st January, we are also very excited to be running cyber wargames as part of the pre-conference focus day, facilitated by John Curry, an expert in military simulations and cyber warfare. Practical sessions will include- ‘Enterprise Defender’ defending a business under concerted cyber-attack, ‘All Your Secrets Are Belong to US’ protecting military intellectual property from other nation states, a demonstration of a commercial wargame that includes elements of cyber warfare and ‘Hack This’ a nation state under attack by hacktivists.

The 2015 CDANS event will focus around three central themes:

  • How can the monitoring and reporting of cyber incidences be improved both internally and internationally?
  • How can the "next generation" of cyber attacks and the threat of zero-day attacks be mitigated?
  • What are the security challenges associated with moving sensitive data and system to the Cloud?

Over 200+ attendees, 30+ speakers and 24 countries represented. Cyber Defence & Network Security Conference will return on its 7th year in London, UK between 27 - 30 January 2015.

What others are saying

"As threats to the cyber landscape increase in number – the Spanish Ministry of Defence sees CDANS as a unique opportunity to discover the key challenges and their solutions from other regions on a day-to-day basis" Lieutenant Colonel Angel Gomez de Agreda, Office of the Secretary General for Defence Policy, Spanish Ministry of Defence

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